Dress Code & Policies
Dress CodeAppropriate country club attire is required at all times for Members, guests, and young adults.

No cargo shorts or pants, swimsuits, tee shirts, tank tops, bare feet, athletic clothing, jogging/running shorts, or other abbreviated clothing is permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Golf Course at any time by anyone however, appropriate attire is permissible in the Fitness Center and Pool area.

Metal spikes are not allowed
Women’s Dress CodeMembers and guests may wear slacks, culottes, walking shorts or golf skirts.  Denim may not be worn on the golf course or practice facilities however, appropriate denim may be worn in the clubhouse at any time. Sandals are permitted in the bar and dining rooms. Visors and hats are allowed on the golf course and bar area. Otherwise, visors and hats are restricted in the Formal Dining Room/Sun Room.Otherwise, visors and hats are restricted in the Forming Dining Room/Sun Room*WSCGA events and other clubs may have additional standards.

Men’s Dress CodeShirts must have collars. Shirt tails MUST be tucked in at all times. Full button front camp shirts may be worn un-tucked. Golf slacks, Bermuda shorts (outer seam 18” or no more than 4” above the knee) and walking shorts are permitted. Mock collars are to be 1”. Denim may not be worn on the Golf Course, Driving Range, or Putting Greens.  Appropriate dress denim may be worn in the Clubhouse at anytime. Visors or hats are not allowed to be worn in the Dining Room and Sun Room.

Children 10 and under are not subject to a dress code.

Cellular PhonesTalking on a cell phone is not allowed in the dining areas including the bar. If a situation arises that requires the use of a cell phone, the Member or guest is expected to leave the prohibited area and act in a manner that does not in any way interfere with other Members' enjoyment of the Club facilities. Ringtones are to be set on vibrate mode both in the Clubhouse and the Golf Course. Emailing and texting are not prohibited.

SmokingSmoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse. A smoking veranda is provided for Members and guests outside the door at the north end of the bar area.

PetsWe welcome your pooch to our patio dining area. Pet dogs are allowed on the South side of the patio only near the window wall, with the exception of those assisting persons with disabilities. Where dogs are permitted on the grounds, they must be on a leash. Members are responsible for damage caused by an animal owned by the Member or under the Member's control.    

Golf Course ConductThe Golf Course must be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Ball marks are to be repaired and divots should be replaced and sanded. All marks left in bunkers MUST be raked and smoothed. Rakes are to be left with the teeth inside the bunker with the handle perpendicular to the edge.
Pace of PlayFast play is strongly encouraged; the target time for a round of golf shall be 4 hours and 30 minutes. All players are required to keep up with the group in front of them. Any group that has an open hole in front of them should let the group following them play through. Any problems affecting the timely play of a round should be reported to the Golf Shop staff.