The Saticoy Club 1980's
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New Golf Tournaments at SCC

Ventura County Ladies Celebrity Tournament - 1980
U. S. Amateur Sectional Qualifier - 1981
Annual Ted Gleichmann - 1981
The Masters Cup - 1987

Clubhouse Remodel

1982 the Clubhouse had a remodel inspired by Saticoy’s Indian legends. A Southwest theme is chosen by the Building Committee. Modern art called ‘The Tubes’ is a conversation piece of the time.

Board Changes

Ruth Gisler is the first women on the SCC Board and she serves two times. In 1986 and again in 1987.

President Jack Tobias passes away while in office and Ron Pease steps into the position to fill out his term.

Past Presidents

In 1988 a Historical Presidential Moment at SCC. The previous SCC Board Presidents were gathered and are honored at the Annual Meeting in 1988.

Golf Course Rating

The course was rated upward by the SCGA. A five-year Tree Planting/Donor Recognition program began. Robert Muir Graves was chosen to create long-range plans for the golf course. The Slope Index was implemented. FORE Magazine of 1988 calls SCC ‘The Challenge of Greatness’