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A Prosperous Ventura Country Jewel

The Saticoy Country Club is a jewel of the prosperous Ventura County and a ‘social center for leading residents’. The photo magazine of mid century Ventura was called Ventura Views, similar to LIFE magazine. The SCC was featured every month on its pages. This selection is from the annual of 1951 that showcased Ventura County. The SCC is outlined in yellow and was the signature image for Saticoy.

The SCC Winning Combinations

In the 1950s, members of the SCC were the winning combinations of Southern California tournaments throughout the Southland.

In 1954, Ted Gleichmann and Ed 'Bones' Lambert took top honors at the Los Angeles Country Club Sartori Championship. That same year Ted Gleichmann and C. Harold Gragg captured the crown at the Brentwood Country Club Invitational.

The camera captured similar prestigious teams with SCC members, such as the 1952 Mac Beth Memorial at the Wilshire Country Club with Von Moffat and Ed Lambert, and the 1953 San Gabriel Cravens with Von Moffat and Ed Lambert.

The SCC Archives show wide spread participation, such as Ed Lambert with Fletcher Jones (white cap) of automotive fame at Lakeside CC and Ted Gleichman and Ed Lambert at the 1954 Palm Springs Thunderbird Invitational.

Walter Duval, Father of the Saticoy Country Club

He was the founding member and visionary of the Ventura County Country Club.

He served as the board president for 25 years, from 1921 to 1946. SCC began as a 'boys night out' card game in the home of Duval and grew to become the VCCC. Santa Paula rancher, president of Union National Bank of Ventura since organized in 1927. Born on a farm, always interested in local farming, owned several ranches. Ran for state assembly for state senet and was sucessful, representing VC until 1937. Active in the Santa Clara Water Conservation District and a director. Was president of Ventura County Mortgage Corporation, Saticoy Citrus Company, Farmers Realty and Investment Company. Director of Briggs Lemon Association and Mupu Citrus Association.

The 1950 Senior Class Yearbook

The SCC commissioned a professional membership album in 1950. They hired EA Photography, founded in 1945 whose specialty was in membership and corporate portraits. Their clients include the Annandale Golf Club, The Brentwood Country Club and Lakeside Golf Club. They are still in business today. A small selection of famous SCC members displayed here are Charles Mc Conica, Dr. Charles Hair, John Mc Conica, Scotty Harris, Cary Toldman, C. Harold Gragg, Charles M. Teague, 'Prez' Hertel, and Dr. Douglas Penfield. This extraordinary collection also captured the style of the era in its portraits of John Newman by the fireplace and Leroy Goodenough with his dalmation.

Golfing Legends of the SCC

Three portraits from the 1950 yearbook were chosen 40 years later to be given special recognition in shadowbox displays. Those names were John Arneill, Ted Gleichmann, and Dr. Ed 'Bones' Lambert. These men showed extraordinary skill at the game of golf and took the SCC colors to many high profile events.