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Owner of the Pierpont Inn, below he is hosting many golf legends, including Hoot Bennett and Ned Thomasen. A personal friend of Bing Crosby, he came in 2nd in 1963 as Amateur at the Crosby National ‘Clambake’ (Pebble Beach) as the amateur partner to professional Bob Duden. Today, this tournament is called the AT & T Pebble Beach National Pro Am.

The Clubhouse Expansion

In 1961 membership was at an all time high and the Saticoy Country Club completed an expansion and remodel of the clubhouse on Wells Road in February. This is an actual aerial photo of the clubhouse and course taken shortly after this expansion was complete. Only portions of the clubhouse remain today at the old location which serve as a public site called Saticoy Regional Golf Course.

A Golf Boom - and Booming Forward

By 1962, California was having a Golf Boom. Less than one year after the club expansion, SCC decides on a new location with 18 holes. Long time member, Gene Thrift, suggests leasing the Lloyd-Butler property. Oxnard developer, Martin V. Smith buys the old club and course. New club sites are ready by 1963.

The Architects

Once again, SCC would choose notable architects to design their future.

William “Billy” Francis Bell – Course Design

He and his father, William P. Bell were inducted into the Southland Golf Hall of Fame in 2008.

Fred Hummel – Clubhouse Design

He became the State Architect of California and Project Manager for the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Golfdom magazine of 1964 noted Hummel’s innovative use of ‘reverse stress’ for SCC.

Building A Dream

These photos show the west and the east sides of the clubhouse. Note the board members on the balcony. The pool begins to take shape. Noted local photographer, Walter Dibblee, was commissioned to document this SCC transition and opening day. He is the same photographer was on staff of Ventura Views.

A Dream Realized

This spectacular aerial photo shows the clubhouse and golf course as it looked just days before it opened on June 2, 1964. William P. Bell designed a classic golf course for the modern era. Superintendent Ernest Gee kept meticulous records of the construction of the course that are in the SCC archives. Architect, Fred Hummel, created a Mid-Century modern landmark with a timeless quality.

A Funny Farewell

May 29, 1964 was the Farewell Tournament with a round of ‘Goofy Golf’. Costumes were required and everybody would tee off while sitting on a barstool.

Thanks for the Memories

In the first Green Tattler newsletter for the new location, Tournament Chairman,Elmo Tanner, took the space to recall the good times at the old location. In this article he remembered: The Stars & Stripes Tournament of 1943, Lawrence Welk playing at the SCC Grand Ball, Mickey Rooney’s bad bet, Tony Lazane as Golf Pro, the famous luaus, and much much more.

The First Day of a New Life

On June 2, 1964, what are now 'classic cars' assembled for play on Hole No. 1. The crowd gathered and warmed up. The young man with the sweater in the foreground is Charlie Mc Conica. The ladies of the SWGA also took their place in the warm up. Before the first swing, attending board members, the architect, and supporting friends posed for a group picture:

Board members and friends gather:

L-R: Joe Seward, Charles Mc Conica, Carl Dwire, Jr., Bob Bradford, Oather Vance, Unknown, Bob Winkler, Elmo Tanner, architect Fred Hummel, and Bob Marchman. Once again, local noted photographer, Walter Dibblee, captured the historic moment.

The First Swing

As it had been in 1921, the opening of the new location in 1964 was big news in the press. The first swing on the new course was taken by President Joe Seward.The first foursome was made up of Bob Marchman, Oather, Vance, Charles Mc Conica and Joe Seward. If you look closely at the crowd behind Seward, you can locate Pompy Gragg, Evelyn Munzio, Marilyn Rulfo, Oather Vance, and many others.

Pomp and Circumstance - The Amazing "Pompy Gragg"

Born Laverne Straughan, she married C. Harold Gragg in 1942. She received her life long nickname of 'Pompy' after playing a character of the same name in a Ventura school play. A significant golfer of the 1960s, she won the women’s SCC championship 8 times.

In the women’s category, she was the last to win at the old location and the first to win at the new. Wife of long-time member, C. Harold Gragg, himself a champion of the 1950s, she was playing golf right up until her passing of the age of 90.