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The Diamond Anniversary

Another milestone was met in November of 1996 with the Diamond 75th Anniversary of the SCC. Several years in advance, the board took up the quest for finding SCC history to display at the event and many of those items were used in compiling this display. The History Committee members were Earl Hampton, Gordon Lange, Bob Lowe, and Lee Martin. In 1992, the Club Champion shields were created and installed in the bar area of the club, meticulously researched by Bob Lowe.

Professional artist and board member, Gordon Lange, created original art to celebrate and use as graphic ad art for the event. Artists throughout the community donated special works to commemorate the event. All members went all out in doning professional level 1920s costumes with even employees and servers dressed in their finest array. Many members came as famous 1920s Hollywood characters, such as W. C. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, and Rudolph Valentino. Again, widely covered in the press, it was a spectacular success worthy of a 75 year history.