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Trackman FAQ



  • What are the hours of operation? 

 8 am- 4 pm


  • How do I practice in Studio 21?

 1-hour increments on first come, first serve basis. All lessons and fittings will take precedence. 


  • Are guests allowed to use Studio 21?

Yes, with the supervision of The Saticoy Club golf professional staff.


  • What will be covered in an orientation:

How to set-up & log into Trackman and how to utilize the system & its software. Guidance on how to capture and review golf swings. Learn how to record golf swings and store for review at home. How to capture all swing data.


  • How long can a practice session be scheduled?

½ hour increments with a maximum time of 1-hour. Scheduling can be done on our website under 'Book A Session' or contact the golf shop. This will be reviewed in the open house and orientation. 


  • Who will conduct the open house/orientation?

  Ben Edwards, Mike Moran, and Cole Maranto


  • Is there a charge for practice?

 We have package rates for practice time (see price sheet under 'Practice & Club Fitting Rates')


  • Can the Trackman radar system be taken outdoors?

 No, our Trackman is for Indoor use only.


  • What technology is used for practice?



  •  Will club fittings be indoors or outdoors?



  • Are fitting clubs available for demo?

Fitting clubs will not be able to be checked out. The practice facility has fitting carts with select vendors for demo usage.